How to convert an HTML Template to a WordPress Theme (2019)

You may have your own static HTML website that you want to convert to your own WordPress theme, or you found an amazing HTML Template that you want to use with WordPress but they do not have a WordPress theme available. This tutorial will explain to you how to convert an HTML Template to a WordPress Theme the simplest way possible.

To convert the HTML template to a WordPress theme, we will be using the latest version of WordPress, along with a handy plugin for WordPress called “Advanced Custom Fields” – this will allow you to retain the overall design which is hard to maintain if you purely use WordPress’ code editor. We will not use Gutenberg, so don’t worry.

Why would you convert a static html template or website to WordPress theme? Well, the reason is so that you can easily update it in future, it has all of WordPress’ SEO benefits and is much simpler to edit.

Converting an HTML Template or Website to a WordPress theme is not as hard as you think. This tutorial is 1.5 hours, and it will explain some basic fundamentals of converting your HTML theme to a WordPress theme but it does not mention absolutely everything.
If there are things you still want to know regarding converting an html template to WordPress, feel free to ask in the below comments and I will try my very best to assist you.

The HTML template we used was “Luigis” located here:

We used Advanced Custom Fields .

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